Journey Hydration Treatment - The Journey hair care hydration treatment works deep into the cuticle of the hair repairing damaged, dry and brittle hair from the inside out for long term results. Journey is 100% organic, natural (including the fragrance) vegan, cruelty free and loving it! Unlike most products, journey works its way from the inside out - it doesn't just mask the top layer for a quick fix. We have included a vegetable protein (keravis) to strengthen and smooth hair! (ideal for those with frizzy, curly and unnamable hair) We have also included aloe vera for shine/softening and 20 amino acids to rebuild the hair.


Our key ingredients include:

Aloe Vera

Cacao Seed Butter

Shea Butter



Macadamia Nut Oil


Our hydration treatment also has a natural fragrance therefore, if perfect for those with sensitive skin and scalp type.


How to apply Journey:

  1. Apply and rinse shampoo twice (we suggest applying twice as the first application removes any dirt build up and the second application can then get in there and thoroughly cleanse your scalp and hair) As Journey is completely organic, natural and vegan it doesn't contain and nasties than can break down such things therefore, your hair needs to be clean and cuticle needs to be open so the treatment can work deep into each strand.
  2. Gently brush (we suggest a tangle teaser brush) through hair and apply around the size of a 50cent piece (for those with medium to long hair) to your mid-lengths and ends as this is where hair is most dry and damaged. 
  3. Leave treatment in for at least 30 minutes - or overnight to receive maximum hydration.
  4. Thoroughly rinse and apply conditioner to close cuticle and seal in hydration.


Journey Hydration Mask 100g

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