Diatomaceous Earth is naturally occurring rock formed from fossilised remains of aquatic organisms. It helps support the elimination of toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, worms and parasites. It is naturally high in silica, essential to numerous tissues, including bone, tendons, aorta, liver and kidneys, as well as skin, hair and nails.


  • Diatomaceous Earth is a source of silica, which has many nutritional benefits.
  • Silica maintains the elasticity and structure of the skin.
  • Silica supports the strength and integrity of nails and hair.
  • Silica helps maintain bone mineralisation to support their strength.
  • Silica maintains blood circulation and a healthy heart.
  • Silica supports the production of collagen and glycosaminoglycan, which maintains the structure of the skin and integrity of the joints.


This food grade powder can also be used in pets to eliminate the worms or parasites in their bodies and used topically to control fleas.


Diatomaceous Earth has a wide range of uses including facial scrub and mask, food storage, garden pest control and deodoriser.

Vitafit Diatomaceous Earth 150g

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