Allison, founder of NewMe. 

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is a happy you.

 Why I chose to start my own business and how I came up with the exciting name - NewMeMy passion is to help women like me.  The past few years, I've learnt so much about health, beauty and fitness, that I wanted to share with you.

We all know that we should be taking better care of ourselves.... easier said than done right, but these can be small changes in the beginning that make a better healthy you.  I felt frustrated that I had to go to multiple stores and websites to find the products I needed.  There had to be an easier way, so that's how NewMe started.

I have done all the hard work, I've researched and found what really works.  My NewMe website makes it easy for women to find and select the right products for you, all on one site.  NewMe has some of the best products from New Zealand and all around the world. I have mainly focussed on organic, vegan, cruelty free and kind to the environment and most importantly, great for you.


I really enjoy what I do and I can't wait for you all to fall in love with these fantastic products like I have.
I want you to feel GOOD about yourself.  When you love yourself, you bring more love to the people around you.

Feeling fit, healthy and beautiful is amazing!  Choose a better way in living today – a NEW YOU with NewMe.


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